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Sharing Jesus Through Snapchat

Dreaming The Impossible

Social media. A distraction addiction, a common source of anti-social behaviour and the tool that Jesus used to reach one teenager.

In February the North & Midlands region held a DTI Nano event, inviting teenagers from Vineyard churches near them for times of worship, fun and teaching. As God moved during this event, some of the teenagers began to share what was happening on Social Media, using their Snapchat stories.

A friend of one of the girls at DTI was checking Snapchat and responded to one of these stories saying that she loved what was going on – that it looked like one big happy family and could she come to the next event like this one? The girl in our group responded by inviting her to the national Dreaming The Impossible (DTI) event in May, which her friend duly booked onto a few weeks later.

A few months later she turned up at DTI. The first night she was in the main session during worship time and felt that she needed to put her hands up in praise and when she responded in this way she instantly felt a sense of freedom. On the following night, there was an invitation for young people to accept Jesus into their lives. She stood up, walked to the front and gave her life to Jesus!

Her local church is now journeying with her through the next steps as she walks her life with Jesus.  All thanks to a Snapchat Story and the invite of a friend.

Join us for Dreaming The Impossible 2020 here!

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