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When we talk to young people about being naturally supernatural we say it’s ‘doing the stuff the Bible says without being weird’.

The Bible says that Jesus told people the Good News about the Kingdom of God whilst healing the sick, raising the dead and casting out demons. He gives young people authority to do the same thing, saying ‘Freely you have received; freely give.’ (Matthew 10:8)

A great example comes from two 12 year old boys who are passionate about sharing Jesus with their friends. In a science lesson learning about the ‘big bang’ they got into a conversation with a friend about creation. Their friend firmly disbelieved that God existed, let alone created the universe. He also had a splitting headache. The two boys o ered to pray for him, right there in school, to show him that God does exist. They simply asked Jesus to heal him and his headache disappeared. This not only stunned their friend by challenging his beliefs about God, but also raised their faith and encouraged them to keep praying for their friends.

We are passionate about seeing young people’s lives transformed by Jesus whether they have known him forever or have no idea who he is. This transformation often happens when they encounter the presence of God through the power of his Holy Spirit.

There are around 5.4 million teenagers across the UK and we want them all to know and love Jesus. The best people to introduce them to him are their peers – at school, in the park, through social media. If we want to see a generation of young people set on re for Jesus, we must inspire and equip them to embrace the naturally supernatural and build up their faith by sharing Jesus with everyone they meet.

If a fire catches in the right conditions, it spreads.

One young person told us: ‘I was daydreaming at school about how God can do immeasurably more than I can imagine, and praying that my whole class would believe. At break I told some friends about how I encountered the Holy Spirit at Dreaming the Impossible (Vineyard youth festival). One friend was interested so I prayed for her in the middle of the school restaurant in front of everyone. In our next lesson she mentioned that I prayed for her and another friend was interested so I stood there before the register and prayed for her too. I feel fearless to live for God in my community.’

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