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Live Vineyard Worship from NLC 2019

NLC 2019

On the final night of the Vineyard National Leaders’ Conference 2019 in January, we captured the sound of hundreds of worshipping leaders, full of passion, authenticity, adoration, simplicity and intimacy.

Recorded live at Trent Vineyard, Nottingham, UK on Thursday 31st January 2019 at the Vineyard National Leaders’ Conference 2019.

N L C 2 0 1 9 B A N D:
Dave Miller – worship leader, acoustic guitar
Bernie Ditima – worship leader, BV’s
Beth McNeil – BV’s
Lola Irimiya – BV’s
Sam Travell – drums
Luke Smyth – percussion
Tom Milne – percussion
Phil Squires – bass
Tré Sheppard – MD, electric guitar
Joe Taylor – electric guitar
George Quin – synth
Naomi Lane – keys
Doris Kuo – violin
Steve Moorhouse – cello

C R E D I T S:
Live recording: Jimmy Cooke
Additional engineering: James McBrien
Mixed by: Jimmy Cooke at The Old Chapel Studios, Chichester, UK
Mastered by: Christian Wright at Abbey Road Studios, London, UK
FOH: Dan Bowater
Monitors: Lionel Miller
Broadcast Mix: James McBrien
Live vision mix: Rick Holland

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