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National Leaders’ Conference update

We are delighted to announce that from January 2021 we will be multiplying the Vineyard National Leaders’ Conference (NLC) into two identical conferences that will happen back-to-back at Trent Vineyard in Nottingham, doubling the capacity of this annual event.

For the last few years, we have been at capacity at Trent Vineyard and have been prayerfully planning how we might make room for more.

Trent Vineyard in Nottingham is a great central location for the UK and Ireland, with a large number of rooms for seminars, childcare and breakout space, plus local transport links, with accessibility by road and air. However, it is currently uncomfortably full.

Our heart is to make NLC accessible to as many as possible and this multiplication allows us to now host double the amount of people, without increasing the ticket price.

Since we moved NLC from the South Coast to Trent Vineyard in 2011, we have planted a further 66 churches and our movement has almost doubled on any given Sunday. Those who were teenagers when NLC moved to Trent in 2011 have grown up at Dreaming The Impossible (our National youth event), many have attended The Cause to Live For (our young adults conference) and progressed through Hub (Leadership Training), and we now want to make it possible for these emerging leaders to attend NLC, where they can sit and learn alongside Church Planters, seasoned Senior Pastors, Emeritus and other church leaders.

So from January 2021, rather than starting on a Tuesday evening as we have been doing, conference A will start on Monday morning and finish on Tuesday evening, then conference B will run throughout Thursday and Friday. It’s still the NLC, with all the times of teaching, worship and relational connections that are so valuable to us, but we’re doubling the capacity and increasing the space by running two identical conferences in the same week.

Ever since our first NLC in 1991, where we welcomed 41 leaders, this annual event has been catalytic in the Vineyard calendar and now we have another key moment, as God continues to grow the Vineyard movement, expanding our vision and increasing the numbers of those in our churches.

We will open bookings in due course, but to stay up to date on news and ticketing for NLC please follow us on social media.

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