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Adam Russell, Soose Courtney & Paul Lowe

Our Multiply Podcast hosts conversations aimed to stir, equip and provoke. Through interviewing thinkers, practitioners and pioneers, we aim to inspire and equip Kingdom people to launch Kingdom communities.

This episode features a conversation between Paul Lowe, Adam Russell & Susanne Courtney.

Adam is the Director of Worship for Vineyard Worship USA and Soose is the Worship Pastor at Manchester Vineyard. Listen as they reflect on leading worship during a pandemic and discuss the importance of encouraging re-engagement, fostering friendship in your teams and spiritual formation in leadership.


If we believe that we are children of the God of the universe then worship is what we’re made for – Soose Courtney

It’s not just about a job, but a community of friends on a mission with Jesus. – Adam Russell

If you’re leading worship you are laying a table for people to come and eat, but you’re not in charge of what happens – Soose Courtney

Creativity is best in constraint – Soose Courtney

We all need a plan for becoming like Jesus. It doesn’t happen by accident – Adam Russell

If you want to have a culture of songwriting at your church but never let your worship teams lead them on a Sunday, you will never have a culture of songwriting. If it doesn’t have a place, it will never grow – Adam Russell

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