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How to Lead in this Moment

Andy Smith

Our Multiply Podcast hosts conversations aimed to stir, equip and provoke. Through interviewing thinkers, practitioners and pioneers, we aim to inspire and equip Kingdom people to launch Kingdom communities.

Andy Smith talks with James Rankine and Paul Lowe about his journey to leading a church, unpacking the role and importance of spiritual mothers and fathers, as well as investing a life of prayer and intimacy with Jesus.

He suggests that whilst he believes that a harvest is coming, the moment we are in right now is one of discernment and we as leaders need to take hold of this moment and ask God what shape he wants our churches to take now. He also explores the invitation that we have to restore discipleship in our homes, incorporating our spiritual rhythms into our family rhythms and passing on the legacy of faith to those in our households.


I think one of the most important things for people who are considering church planting is do you have people in your corner? Do you have mentors? Do you have spiritual mothers and fathers?

It’s a strong conviction with me that every pastor, part of their job is to invest in a life of prayer. One-on-one with the Lord, living in his love and presence, and then being able to radiate that out and disciple people in that.

Do we have a culture of intimacy with Jesus? If we do, then the churches we send and the leaders we develop, will probably have that and will be able to give that away to others.

I always thought it was really sinful to promote or push your gifts and skills and talents. But I’ve gone through a process of realising that it’s sinful to hide them. It’s a false humility thing. I’ve had to step out from that and just get really comfortable with me being me.

I think it’s a moment where the Holy Spirit wants to restore the momentum for discipleship and life with God to the household.

The more we lean into homes, the more we see the spontaneous expansion of the Kingdom. A kind of multiplication you couldn’t even stop if you wanted to.

I think the only way we can fail right now is to not show up. The world and our people are watching us to see who shows up in the middle of a crisis. I think the only failure point here is if we just cash it in, surrender to fear and don’t show up.

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