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I believe that discipleship is the ongoing developmental process of becoming more like Christ – that’s how I define discipleship and because of that I think that it’s very important to have models of discipleship. Of course in The Vineyard movement one of the ways in which we do discipleship is in community and we do it in small groups.

“discipleship is the ongoing developmental process of becoming more like Christ”

The way in which I actually have seen discipleship work at its best is really one-on-one when you have people, you have other brothers and sisters that can mentor you, but then also you have brothers and sisters that walk with you, and then you have brothers and sister perhaps that you disciple as well so it begins to be a 360 type of model of discipleship. So, I always have someone in front of me that has a little bit more experience in a particular area, I’m always walking with people who are encouraging me, but then I’m also discipling someone else so that 360 degree model of discipleship is really the most effective thing I’ve seen for people to do and actually develop the process of becoming more Christ-like.

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