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I think that when it comes to leadership and the balance of ministry that sacred rhythm is absolutely important. I think it was Ruth Haley Barton that talks about that; the development of a sacred rhythm, and so it’s very important that you have a strong devotional life. I think about John 15, that says that we must abide in the vine and apart from Christ we can do nothing, so the devotional life is very important. For me, I also try to develop a workout routine as well, 3 to 4 days a week, as something that I plan out in my diary in particular, because the reality is if you do not plan your time, somebody else will plan it for you.

There are also some things I do in terms of scheduling, and so there’s things in which I do my best to look at the calendar and I begin to look at the different rhythms of the church and I begin to see where there are spaces by which I can spend some time just for myself, whether that might be my own sabbaticals that I take – I try to take those quarterly. I also try to take a date night with my wife as well, as much as possible. She actually controls that schedule and she actually has veto power over anything on my schedule that she believes is non-essential to make sure that we do that as well.

I think that it’s also important in terms of balancing ministry as well to have accountability partners, people that are able to look with you at the gauges of your life to see if you’re actually developing the habits that are necessary in terms of being able to develop that balance. Those are some of the basic things that I do in terms of maintaining balance in ministry.

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