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A brand new event from The Cause to Live For

God is doing something amazing amongst our 20s & 30s; we are seeing a generation rising up, hungry for the presence of God and ready to lay their lives down for Jesus. We want to facilitate more environments where students, 20s & 30s, can gather and encounter the Holy Spirit; where they can be transformed by God’s love, and can take that back to their local churches and communities.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Cause Ireland, a brand new event for this generation specifically on the island of Ireland. This is a moment of multiplication – making space for more people to come together and be transformed. Cause Ireland is happening on 24-25 May in Belfast. We will then be gathering, as a generation, this November in Nottingham for The Cause to Live For.


24/05/2024 – 25/05/2024


Belfast City Vineyard

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