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Being Jesus’ Hands and Feet

"Increase Our Faith"

“Increase our faith” is the title of this years Being Jesus Hands and Feet Conference.

Throughout the pain of the last 18 months, many of us have served our cities by loving and listening to those hurting. As we grapple with the challenges that lie ahead, we need to know that God loves the families we serve far more than we do and has the power to move mountains, change situations and transform lives. In the Bible we see that Jesus was constantly ‘moved by compassion’ to heal and to bring the miraculous and we long to be filled with faith that he will do it again.

Gather with us online for our next Being Jesus’ Hands & Feet event as we join in the prayer from Luke 17:5 “Lord, increase our faith” and discover how to partner with all that God is doing in this coming season.

The session will run from 09:30- 11:45am

We will be joined by Jim McManus from Kirkcaldy Vineyard and Marie Mondésert, a consecrated sister of the Chemin Neuf community.


Jim McManus & Marie Mondésert


06/11/2021 – 06/11/2021






The session will run from 09:30- 11:45am

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