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John Wimber

Small groups

How were they able to live out this type of closeness? It appears they facilitated a common life through small groups, such as the churches that met in homes (Rom 15. 5, 1 -15; 1 Thes5. 27; Col 4. 15). Small groups are also the basis for Christian community today. Over the years I have observed that growing churches usually have well developed small groups.

Paul, in Ephesians 4. 2 says, “Be completely humble and gentle with one another in love.” I have often thought, ‘How can people love each other if they never relate personally?’ That is the point of small groups. They are where people can relate, can actually live out the gospel. I believe everything you learn in the Bible is tested by being in a group of people that rub you raw. In small groups we learn how to love the unlovely, thus fulfilling the command of Christ.

Sometimes we are the ones in need of special love and support to get us through difficult times, Loving one another is not just another good idea; it is one of Christ’s great blessings. Fellowship is the garden in which the fruits of the Spirit multiply, the place in which eternal life is lived out here on earth.

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