Servant Evangelism vs Social Action

Jim Denison

Has the church leaned too far towards Social Action and forgotten how to do Servant Evangelism?  Jim Denison gives his insights

Jim and Korenne are the Team Leaders for Canterbury Vineyard in Kent.  Jim grew up in Southern California with a passion for sports, in particular “baseball.”  He obtained a Master of Arts in NT Theology at Talbot School of Theology and has been in vocational ministry since 1991 in all kinds of streams and denominations.  He and Korenne were married in 1999, moved to the UK in 2003 and were on staff at Soul Survivor Watford and St Albans Vineyard before moving to Canterbury to plant in 2007.  Jim’s passion is “to see the Church be all that She was meant to be.”  He is Daddy to Samuel, Evan, Kaleb and Sophia Rose.

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