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Top 12 from 2012

the most read, watched and listened to resources of the year

A run down of the 12 most popular resources from 2012.

Since we launched this incarnation of the website we’ve uploaded new resources every week, some are brand new, some have been uncovered from our vaults and some digitalised for a new generation.

As we near the end of 2012, we’ve put together a list of the 12 most popular resources, so in reverse order…

12. Creative Evangelism // Alan Scott

Our first entry comes from Causeway Coast Vineyard’s Alan Scott, with a fascinating insights video on how we lead people into life, how we can share our life rather than just share our faith?

Creative Evangelism

 11. Developing Fearlessness // Robby Dawkins

After an initial appearance at our National Leaders’ Conference in January and then a follow-up conference later this year at Trent Vineyard, Robby Dawkins’ name has become synonymous with Power Evangelism, taking risks and giving God space to work by being obedient to his voice.  In this video Robby tells us about the need to develop fearlessness and how he believes faith is spelt R.I.S.K.

Developing Fearlessness

10. Burned for the Bible // James Mumford

His ‘Lion’s Tale’ article narrowly missed out on 12th spot, and with another well received article, James Mumford takes a look at the true story of a man who pioneered translating the bible into English; William Tyndale.  Originally published in our EQ magazine in 2001, James explores how William Tyndale became the first man to translate anything directly from Hebrew into English.

Burned for the Bible

 9.  Kids Can Too // Nigel & Jo Hemming

With a great article from the Vineyard Vaults and in at number nine, is Nigel & Jo Hemming (recently appointed Senior Pastors of Winchester Vineyard) with a look at how we can engage Children in the life of the church. An unmissable vintage read from the couple who were key to the ‘Great Big God’ CD’s and DVD.

Kids Can Too

8.  Why bother with theology in the Vineyard // Jason Clark

One question we always ask in the Vineyard is ‘What does the Bible say?’  In this superb article Jason Clark guides us through the importance of theology and how the Vineyard does and should make time for the study of the Bible.  If you like this, then you’ll love our National Leaders’ Conference in 2013, where Jason will be speaking at one of the Main Sessions – not to be missed!

Why bother with theology in the Vineyard

7. Songs that reflect a season of the church // Kathryn Scott

Singer, songwriter and experienced Worship leader Kathryn Scott has her first entry in our top 12 with ‘Songs that reflect a season of the church’.  Known for Worship songs such as ‘Hungry’ and ‘At the Foot of the Cross’, Kathryn kindly put pen to paper for us and wrote a series of articles, leaning on her experience from leading Worship at Causeway Coast Vineyard.  This is a must read for any Worship leader.

Songs that reflect a season of the church

6. Everybody gets to play // John Mumford

‘Everybody gets to play’ is steeped in the Vineyard DNA, having first been a phrase coined by John Wimber.  In this article our National Director, John Mumford, looks at the dangers of hero worship, competing and comparing in the church.

Everybody gets to play

5. Serving our Communities // Alan Scott

Alan’s second entry into our top 12, this time with a short insights video as he shares his experiences of leading the local community into life through service.  This was the most retweeted and reposted video of the year; there was not a dry eye in the house as Alan shares his heart for his local community.  Life changing.

Serving our Communities

4.  Lessons in Worship Leading // Kathryn Scott

Kathryn Scott at her best, as she shares the biggest and most important lessons that she’s learnt in over fifteen years of leading people into Worship.   What’s not to like about an article that includes the phrase ‘There is nothing more precious than presence of Jesus.’

Lessons in Worship Leading

3.  I’m a Fool for Christ, whose fool are you? // John Wimber

At the business end of the top 12, John Wimber’s personal testimony makes it to the 3rd most popular resource of the year.  Earlier this year Vineyard Records UK began the process of digitalising their back catalogue of conference audio, including this from the late great John Wimber.  Recorded during his time in the UK, this is essential listening for anyone who wants to know more about how the Vineyard came into being.  Our thank to Vineyard Records UK for giving this resource away free of charge.

I’m a Fool for Christ, whose fool are you?

2.  Essential Wimber // John Wimber

This collection of John Wimber mp3’s is from the Vineyard Records UK vaults and, like it says on the tin, is essential listening.  It contains four John Wimber talks recorded during his time in the UK, covering Power Evangelism, the 5-step Healing Model, the Kingdom of God and Spiritual Gifts.  As with all our resources – free to stream or download.

Essential Wimber

1. Hear the Sound of our Worship // Nigel Briggs

In at the top spot is an article from Trent Vineyard’s Nigel Briggs.  Nigel is the Worship Pastor at Trent Vineyard, plays a huge part in songwriting in the Vineyard movement and is also part of the Trent band.

In this deeply personal and revealing article, Nigel explores the differences in how we worship in public and private places; and tells some of his own story – how he came to know Jesus and the role that Worship played in this.

Hear the Sound of our Worship


Coming in 2013

More videos, more articles, more audio and more relevant resources for you to read, stream, watch and download.

We hope you find these helpful as together we pursue Christ, his Church and his Cause; please do feedback to us using the contact form on this website.


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