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Re-engaging with Church

The Coaching Team

Our Coaching team take a look at the questions we might find helpful as we re-engage with society in different ways after lockdown. In this article, we look at how to re-emerge well in our churches.

So you’re back!  Face to face, or mask to mask.  But you don’t care because YOU’RE BACK!  Surrounded by people you have missed seeing in actual 3D.  

A church isn’t just seeing people though, is it?  It’s a mystery where we belong to one another, grafted in, everything in common, a body, a family with a purpose.

We’ve lived through this strange time of meeting online and doing our level best to keep connected and supporting one another.  We’ve encouraged, celebrated and grieved for so much loss in such an unusual way.

So when we see each other again what do we really want? How do we want to reconnect with one another?

Do we want to re-engage as before?  Or could this be a moment in time when we, the church, are connected in deeper and healthier ways; talking about the things that really matter?  

So, when you see each other here are some great questions to ask each other, because taking time to stop and listen is one of the most powerful things we can do.  

So here are a few suggestions of questions that you might ask someone as your church re-emerges and you actually see your brothers as sisters in the flesh: 

  • How are you?   (Tell me more)
  • How are those you love doing?
  • What has God been doing in you this year?
  • Are you feeling uneasy about anything?
  • What are you hopeful about?
  • How can I be praying for you?
  • What would encouragement look like for you in this season?

Then, why not pray blessing and encouragement on each other?

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