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Available for iPhone and Android.

The Vineyard Churches UK & Ireland app brings several hundred Vineyard films and articles to your phone, allowing you to read and watch them whenever you want.

Also included is a Vineyard church finder – find your nearest UK & Ireland church based on your location and get directions; full conference talks from the National Leaders’ Conference; The Cause to Live For; Dreaming the Impossible; music videos from Vineyard Worship ;the entire range of our popular Insights films; original articles by Vineyard leaders from around the movement, plus a selection or articles from our vaults including some from John Wimber.

Book for national events, add diary dates to your phone’s calendar and read all about upcoming conferences and training events.

Already viewed in 144 countries, Vineyard films are now available on your iPhone or Android phone for your convenience, designed to be easily watched on the go, wherever you are.

With films and articles from Robby Dawkins, Jay Pathak, John Wright, Debby Wright, the Most Revd and Rt Hon Justin Welby, Pete Greig, Mike Pilavachi, Andy Croft, Kathryn Scott, Simon Ponsonby, John Mumford, Eleanor Mumford, and many more, this app provides hundreds of hours of original Vineyard content on your phone for free.



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