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Story from Riverside Vineyard

God’s desire is to see the Kingdom of Heaven come on earth, but it’s our personal responsibility to cultivate a Kingdom lifestyle. We can live a life that sees the Kingdom of Heaven come more frequently through being obedient to God’s voice and stepping out in risk to show Jesus’ love to our friends and our communities.

One of the ways we can show people how much God loves them is through praying for healing. In the Vineyard we believe that God can and does heal people. As followers of Jesus, sons and daughters of the King, we carry his authority to pray for healing. So often we’ve minimised this authority to inside the walls of the church, but we carry the power of the Holy Spirit in our every day – whether we’re working, shopping or out in our communities.

Check out the video below from Dave at Riverside Vineyard, London. Dave stepped out in faith in his every day and offered to pray for his neighbour’s whiplash.



We pray for healing because we want to see God’s Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven, but we understand that we live in the tension where the Kingdom is both the now and the not yet. It’s important that we lean in with faith and expectancy that everyone can be healed, but also understand that some people might not be healed.

Every person can receive the love of Jesus, without necessarily receiving healing. So will you take steps of risk, as we walk in step with the Spirit, to see God’s Kingdom come where you are?


Living a Naturally Supernatural Life

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Living a Naturally Supernatural Life

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