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Jesus told all his followers, “Go and make disciples of all nations.”  We are a people who have been sent. God has a purpose and a plan. God has a mission. The church was made for mission – locally, nationally and internationally.

We want to ensure that all our churches have the opportunity to fulfil the biblical call to go and make disciples of all nations, as we extend God’s Kingdom together everywhere, in every way.

The Vineyard and Mission

We want to fulfil our mandate in the way we undertake cross-cultural ministry, working in partnership and with a desire to honour, serve and learn from our partners in other countries and cultures. Our desire is to build healthy relationships and connect with those implementing cross-cultural mission in the UK and Ireland and internationally.


Nick Sutton
For questions about Mission teams and partnership from the UK & Ireland please contact our Missions team, which is led by Nick Sutton at Coventry Vineyard.

About Missions


We want to ensure that all of our churches have the opportunity to fulfil the biblical call to go and make disciples of all nations


We are committed to working with local churches to train leaders for cross-cultural ministry.


We seek to contribute towards the planting and development of new churches around the world, working with indigenous Vineyard movements and local leaders.

Partnership Values

Local and International

Locally church based missions that are focused and strategic, committed to coordinate and communicate with what is happening within the Vineyard internationally.

Developing Church Planting

Development of church planting and church planting movements. We desire to plant kingdom-centred, healthy and culturally- relevant Vineyard churches that plant churches, which are in turn being released as national Vineyard movements.

Honouring Others

Honouring others through incarnational mission, cultural awareness and contextualisation. We will honour the people groups among whom God calls us to work, sharing as much as possible of their lives, lifestyle, language, and seeking to establish long-term, relational, value-driven kingdom ministry, so that our values and ministry are caught as well as taught.

Investing in Local Leaders

Developing local leaders and the release of national leadership.


Transparent and open communication and co-operation.

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