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Kingdom Pursuit 2017

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Kingdom Pursuit was hosted by the South West and Wales Region for the entire Vineyard movement. We were thrilled to be joined by two inspirational speakers, Simon Guillebaud and Michael Gatlin, both of whom are incredible communicators and their lives and ministries demonstrate what it means to radically pursue the King and His Kingdom.

Listen again to these four inspiring talks:


An Invitation To Grow – Michael Gatlin

Every step of the way God is inviting us to grow.  He challenges us because he loves us unconditionally and deeply, then invites us to grow and change.

A Heart For The Lost – Simon Guillebaud

Simon tells some of his own story and encourages the church to not lose our heart for the lost, in the midst of a changing world.

Radical Discipleship – Simon Guillebaud

When Jesus was making disciples, what was he trying to do?  How does this apply to us today and how is God calling us to live for Jesus as God’s precious children.

Deeply Loved – Michael Gatlin

Because we are so deeply loved we surrender.  In this talk Michael talks through the elements of discipleship and simple steps to living a life of obedience.

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