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How to Lead a Church in a Post-Lockdown Society

James Rankine & Mike Newport

Our Multiply Podcast hosts conversations aimed to stir, equip and provoke. Through interviewing thinkers, practitioners and pioneers, we aim to inspire and equip Kingdom people to launch Kingdom communities.

In this wide ranging interview, James Rankine (Senior Pastor at Vineyard Church Cardiff) and Mike Newport (Senior Pastor at Vineyard Bath) share some of their experiences of leading through a pandemic, and explore how we can continue to pastor people in the ‘post-lockdown’ society we are living in. 

They discuss topics such as leading from vulnerability and weakness, choosing faith where we see lack, and the importance of spiritual formation in multiplying leaders.


People tolerate pain when they’ve chosen it, but nobody chose the pandemic. There’s so much pain swirling around that is distracting people from fixing their eyes on the one who brings the peace, the hope and the love. Let’s remind people who they are and that God hasn’t changed.

Does the Holy Spirit have space in our environments?

We want our children to be people who grow up full of compassion, grace, love, and mercy. We want them to have impact and make a difference.

A crowd is not a church.

We sit in the tension of knowing the inheritance of the promised land but also sitting with the people who don’t have any food, who are hungry and living in lack.

Where we see lack we have to push into faith.

We don’t need more gifted leaders, we need more leaders who are going to persevere, who are forged in the fire of challenge, who won’t bolt and run when things get tough.

Being missional, pursuing Kingdom multiplication and new territory requires a new depth or expression of formation in our own individual lives. We can only lead people to the level of depth and direction we ourselves are prepared to go.

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