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Jason Clark

Our Multiply Podcast hosts conversations aimed to stir, equip and provoke. Through interviewing thinkers, practitioners and pioneers, we aim to inspire and equip Kingdom people to launch Kingdom communities.

In this episode, Jason Clark (Senior Pastor, Sutton Vineyard) speaks with Paul Lowe and Mike Newport on the importance of discipleship and how to multiply that in our churches. He highlights the value of coaching, listening and asking good questions such as: what has God said to you, and what are you doing about it?

He also touches on life post-pandemic, using the language of ‘replanting’ his church; casting the vision and rethinking how things will look in the new context in which we will be re-emerging into.


“What has God said to you and what are you doing about it? That’s discipleship.”

To live life to the full, and especially discipleship, we need to be doing church in all of the sociological spaces in which we belong, from big public events through to the small and the intimate ones.

They [Willow Creek Survey] found that the greatest gap was not between people that were Christians and non Christians, the greatest gap was between people who were Christians and fully devoted followers of Jesus.

This [when we step out in obedience] is where spiritual warfare really takes place. The father of lies comes to us and says, “yeah, see, you are rubbish at this”. This is where we need things like coaching, spiritual direction, prophecy, training, mentoring, therapy, those reminders that God’s made me for this, he’s called me to this.

When Jesus sent the disciples out to practice praying for the sick, they were learning far more than just how to pray for the sick. They were learning how to be a team, they were learning how to be on their own, they were learning how to pray, how to trust God, they were dealing with their insecurities. The things they learned with Jesus in those discipleship moments were enough to take them into leading the church in the future.

As a leader, we’re often pointing people somewhere that is beyond their spiritual formation or their competency, and that’s a challenge because you’re leading people to a place of discomfort, and that’s not what people in our consumer culture want. (Mike Newport)

If you sociologically, never mind what God might do, want your kids to grow up and actually be Christians, the kind that don’t just turn up in a crisis but really live following Jesus, they need parents who they see practising their Christian faith.

The big bit of discipleship is trusting that God will do the things that we don’t organise.

Nothing stops discipleship. You can be in prison, facing death, like Paul, and he still managed to lead the Praetorian guard to faith and produce some of the greatest leaders that would lead the church after his execution.

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