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Song Summit 2022 (Ireland)

Dromantine Retreat Centre, Co Down, Ireland

The Song Summit is a 24-hr songwriting intensive for Vineyard Songwriters.

This event is designed to explore the craft of songwriting for the church, and is suitable for everyone from the aspiring to the seasoned songwriter.

What happens at the Song Summit?

This will be an active songwriting intensive and you will need to bring a song in ‘draft form’ with you to the event (see What is a Song Draft? below). Please also bring with you:

  • Your keyboard or acoustic guitar
  • A Bible and journal
  • Hard copies of your song draft (lyric/chord chart) to share with your group

Every songwriter will receive song evaluation from a Vineyard Songwriting Coach, and input from their small group.

What is a Song Draft?

A song draft is a recent song that you are open to getting feedback on; it needs to be at least a Verse & Chorus or A & B section, (unless you are writing an AAA song, in which case please bring at least two A sections!)

Please see additional information below.


17/03/2022 – 18/03/2022


Dromantine Retreat & Conference Centre, Co Down, Ireland


Cost from: £125 - £140


The Song Summit begins with lunch on Thursday 17th and ends with lunch on Friday 18th. Full details of the programme will be communicated before the event.

All meals are included.

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