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Being Jesus’ Hands and Feet

Kingston Upon Thames

“Hands and Feet – The calling card for emerging Generations”

This is the fourth year that we have held the Being Jesus’ Hands and Feet (Growbaby) Conference and we would love it if you could join us. This year we are honoured to have Tri Robinson join us from Boise Idaho. He has recently written a hugely challenging book, Re:Form and we have been massively impacted by the third section in particular. The prophetic call to the church of the future. Tri asks us all what the future church will look like and how the millennials will engage with church, his view that emerging generations will provide the churches calling card by being the hands and feet of Jesus resonates deeply with all that we long for. We are very aware that many of you may not be connected with Growbaby in any way but the call to be Jesus hands and feet is for everyone and we would be thrilled to have you join us.


Tri Robinson


03/11/2018 – 03/11/2018


Kingston Upon Thames


£15 (includes lunch, tea and coffee)

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