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Vineyard Records UK is first and foremost a worship ministry rather than a worship label.

By that we mean that our focus is to serve the wider church with resources, training and music that enables todays church to worship God in a manner that is culture-current.

We are a not-for-profit organisation and to that end we reinvest our proceeds to church planting, mission and ministry purposes. We have a symbiotic relationship with the Vineyard Church movement ensuring that our focus is always towards fulfilling ministry goals and our Board of Trustees is made up of church pastors.


In 1998 the UK division of Vineyard Music released the first worship recording outside of North America ‘Come Now Is The Time’. The album and particularly the title track spread around the world like wildfire and quickly reached the Top 5 of the CCLI charts and has stayed there ever since. A year later the ‘Hungry’ album was released which went on to become Vineyard Music’s best ever selling worship album.

In 2005 we felt that the branding needed some definition between what was coming out of North America and the UK and so ‘Vineyard Records UK’ was born. A renewed focus on culture current worship expression was made in both the UK and the US and the emergence of UK worship bands ‘Trent’ and ‘The Burn Band’ reflected this.

Both Trent & The Burn Band have gone on to release highly regarded albums of songs that speak in today’s language. ‘Trent’ have led worship in Venue 2 at New Wine south for three consecutive years (05,06 & 07) and both bands have played at Greenbelt and other festivals and events including 2 trips for ‘The Burn Band’ to lead worship in Brazil.

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