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Announcing the launch of the Vineyard Apple TV app

The Vineyard Churches UK & Ireland app brings over 200 Vineyard films to your TV screen, allowing you to view them whenever you want from the comfort of your own home.  Including full conference talks from the National Leaders’ Conference and The Cause to Live For; music videos from Vineyard Records UK including the worldwide hits from Great Big God, plus the entire range of our popular Insights films available on demand for the first time.

Using the Apple TV remote you can easily flick through hundreds of original Vineyard films or search using Siri.  Search by film type, category or keyword to find the film you’re looking for and then sit back and enjoy in high definition.

Already viewed in 144 countries, Vineyard films are now available on your Apple TV for your convenience, designed to easily watch with your Small Group, as part of a larger crowd, with your children or simply by yourself.

With films featuring Robby Dawkins, Jay Pathak, John Wright, Debby Wright,  Pete Greig, Mike Pilavachi, Andy Croft, Jen Rankine, Simon Ponsonby, John Mumford, Eleanor Mumford, and many more, this app provides hundreds of original Vineyard films, on your TV, on demand.

To use this app you will need the new Apple TV, which launched at the end of October.  Indicators are that this new TV box will be hugely popular and provides us with another way to train and equip those in our movement and beyond, as well as to effectively reach younger generations in a format that suits them.

To download this on a new Apple TV, just go to the app store and search ‘Vineyard.’  This app is a free download for everyone, in keeping with our desire to give away resources.

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