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Our Latest Church Plants

in the UK & Ireland

The latest Vineyard church plants in the UK & Ireland

We are currently in the process of planting the following churches at the moment.


Balham, London

Steve & Viv Bateman

Telephone: 0208 935 5456
Email: hello@balhamvineyard.org
Website: www.balhamvineyard.org
Twitter: @balhamvineyard
Facebook: balhamvineyard


Hackney, London

Dave & Rowena Crisp

Telephone: 07741 480 946
Email: info@hackneyvineyard.org.uk
Website: hackneyvineyard.org.uk
Twitter: @hackneyvineyard


Swansea, Wales

Jon & Joy Franklin

Telephone: 01792 359 360
Email: jonandjoy@swanseavineyard.org
Website: swanseavineyard.org
Twitter: @swanseavineyard
Facebook: swanseavineyard


If you would like to connect with any of these churches, please do so using the details above.

We are also in the process of planning other Church Plants in the UK & Ireland, watch this space for more details.

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