Vineyard Records

Its roots and history

The formal beginnings of what is now known globally as ‘Vineyard worship’ with its hallmarks of honest and intimate expressions of worship to God, happened in Southern California in 1982.

‘Mercy/Vineyard’ was its first incarnation which later became ‘Vineyard Music’ and was set up as a vehicle for producing and distributing the powerful worship songs that were coming out of the Vineyard movement. This was during a time of powerful renewal of the Church both in the USA and then globally. Led by the late John Wimber, this renewal was heralded by a new move of the Holy Spirit primarily expressed through intimate worship songs that sang to God rather than about Him. Indeed, it was no accident that John was himself a musician who had turned his back on a lucrative career in the music industry to pursue the calling God had placed on his life – John knew the power of music and also knew how to bring out the best in the creative community that was increasingly being attracted to the Vineyard movement of churches.

Over the next 25 years Vineyard worship has had great influence on the modern church worldwide. In 1998 the UK division of Vineyard Music released the first Vineyard worship recording outside of North America ‘Come Now Is The Time’. The album and particularly the title track spread around the world like wildfire and quickly reached the Top 5 of the CCLI charts. A year later the ‘Hungry’ album was released which went on to become Vineyard Music’s best ever selling worship album. Eighteen full-length UK albums (both studio and live) have followed since then as well as numerous box sets, EP’s and two live DVD’s.

Since the early days of Vineyard Music, the Christian music ‘industry’ has become a mutli-million dollar machine – although its currently weathering turburlent times and God alone knows whether or not it will survive. Yet our mandate at VRUK remains the same: to capture and document the songs of the Vineyard movement that are written for our local church communities and sung in home groups and on Sundays and whenever we have the opportunity to gather together and worship Jesus. This is the essence of all we do.

The Vineyard is a church-planting movement and we are a limb of that body and we’re honoured to serve in God’s Kingdom. As such VRUK is set up as a non-profit based ministry and registered charity with a board of directors made up Vineyard leaders including members of the VCUKI leadership group and council.

Our board is made up of Jeremy Cook, Steve Barber, John Wright, Andrew Wallis, Andrew McNeil & Chris Whitelock.

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